The Honeypot

Bad City and Slick City stepped by dusk into the strobe-lit plushity of the East Coast’s most seductive fleshpot, where thirty show girls, some dancers, one a biologist and some whores, strutted, wiggled, gyrated and giggled in high heels and string bikinis. Known to security, management and ownership by name, Slick City regarded this neon rental harem as […]

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The Dissident Compass

Bad City met the big-brained yeti-man in the driving rain, among flooded fields and drenched oaks on a Mid-Atlantic country lane—who else could he have been but Smart Country, the most brilliant snow negro this side of the Rocky Mountains, prone to wax quixotic as he plumbed the depths of the mundane, a man for whom no subject […]

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The Café Car

Riding Amtrak: The Common Space Ahead of the coaches, before the dinner car [if there is one] and the sleeper cars, is the common space of the train, the town square of the steel-wheeled accordion, its crew and the temporary community aboard.  There are different designs for this car, which combine diner tables with bench […]

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Riding with Amtrak: The Coach On steps on the train into a 3.5 foot wide space with the restrooms on one side, consisting of a handicapped cubicle, a narrow hall 16 feet long with three small toilets, each with sink, mirror, towels, tissue and soap, and bathrooms the size of those found in most homes. […]

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Rib Eye in the Sky

Bad City walked besides Hunter down the long windy road to the cow pasture, both admiring the Sandhill Cranes grazing like stilt and feather cattle by the higher grasses which betrayed the unseen irrigation canals. The proud working class birds, dressed in drab brown, as lacking in ostentation as an urban starling, yet grazing in […]

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He entered unremembered by the children but well-known to the big dog, who pined for a scratch behind the ears. Formally re-introduced to the three little ones, they began to ask questions—vaguely understanding that the worn old man hailed from some evil place, and came to teach their paladin father the dirty tricks and brutal methods […]

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Bad City accompanied Slick City and Seething City into THE CITY, through concrete chutes, past armies of police cruisers and sentinelian Chinese cops standing like robots.    To the sissy venue they went: comics, movies, toys—but some nearly naked babes in tights and paint rescued them from banality. For the balance of the visit, Bad City was […]

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