Millennial Courtship

Bad City worked his weird word wizardry in a Weak Devil City café, not just badly, but in bad taste, nursing on his grand sissy teton of sweet iced coffee, gobbling a gooey French pastry of ill-gotten goodness as two pleasant voices chirped and twerped behind his wire-haired back. They sat at a tiny, round […]

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Jeff’s Friend

Bad City walked gingerly in his sun-glassed daze, across the strip mall lot under the smoke like clouds that bathed this Limp City in its haze. A sub-prime military age male was on course to intercept him before he stepped from the black asphalt drive-lane up onto the yellow concrete walk. The man was 5’ […]

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Pink City Pinkie

Bad City was lost in thought on the breezy, sun-soaked day. He had just eaten at the food cart lot, served excellent chopped, smoked pork by a good-looking dirty blond of about 38 years, a regular enough girl around this frail town, who nevertheless earned an extra cute chick tip for being better looking than […]

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Yarmouth Nova Scotia

People talk about wanting 1950s America back. Well, I’ve seen it. I was born in the sixties, but I’ve seen it. It’s in Nova Scotia. We drove in late and it was raining, torrential downpours. The roads were all small, two-lane affairs. It was dark and we were going to be late getting to the […]

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Han Silo

I’m one hundred percent Han Chinese, born and raised in the Midwest. There’s only one kind of Chinese, or human being for that matter, the Han. The Manchus have tried to assimilate, but we know who they are! There is only a handful of sir names in the entire population, so not as much genetic […]

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More Meat

Part Four of an Open Letter to Master Ape, by Mucker Dog, with the Assistance of Silverback First, since its getting real about now, let’s take the oven mitts off and get down to it. You have had me under double jeopardy for our entire relationship, and I have not held it against you because […]

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