Portland is the place for me. I’m a cabinet maker, a subset of carpentry. I did well subcontracting up in Seattle. But everything was such a gatekeeper situation. Really, you need a fulltime agent to manage all of the work orders, have them double-checked, triple-checked. It was me and my helper, and I worked through […]

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Panther in Slacks

The wind-wracked side streets were barren of humans as Bad City went out for a rain-soaked walk. Turning the corner two doors down from the chop shop, in Weak Devil City, he encountered two tall Nigerians, a towering skinny in his twenties, visibly shivering, bundling himself in a hoody, a windbreaker and a coat, a […]

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Sleek Joe Crow

Bad City went out into the dreary, overcast day, between gusts of rain and ran into his most regular fellow pedestrian, a sleek black crow, so shiny it was difficult to tell where his face feathers and beak separated. Three lesser crows stood vigil, one on a pole, one on a power line, and one […]

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Weak Devil City

For two months Bad City spent time at two bars, both of which catered to people over 30, predominantly Caucasian, with a few Asians and an occasional African American. In any such place back in Bad City, a black man would have struck up a conversation with him, and occasionally a paleface would likewise make […]

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The Takeaway

The Traveler was offered a trip and a tour to his host’s birth city.  Having made his own youth funeral long ago and attended the grim procession into the wonder-pitted and pain-laced youth of other friends, the traveler was honored and saddened, knowing that his host’s tomorrow would be bleaker than his today.  The outward […]

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Twisted City

Whitebreadistan, MD, A Tuesday evening in December Twisted City awaited him in his amped up way, rocking on his feet, bareheaded in the cold wet mist, underdressed and overdisciplined in jeans and sweatshirt before the renowned eatery beloved by the soft, plump and pale denizens of Whitebreadistan. Bad City and Twisted City greeted with wry […]

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The Time Machine

Six booths on the left, a short hardwood bar to the right, and two pillars between that would not have tested Samson’s might, presented him with a narrow enough plane to reach any point with his blade in two seconds. Confident that he could make a spray and pray thug pay, he sighed the sigh […]

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