Hot City

Five-six and 115 pounds with long brown hair and an unenhanced yet well-curved figure, Hot City lead Bad City—eye-patched, hauling a backpack, ragged of dress—into a teaming Manhattan sports bar. She ordered them both a cola on ice and attempted a fact-finding conversation with her visiting online survival coach, only to be foiled by the loud voices as theyroiled all […]

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Twisted City and Bad City entered the chain eatery at a Harm County mall as the robotic female vice overhead intoned, “Youths seventeen years and younger must be accompanied by an adult…” Twisted City stopped at the host station and said arrogantly to an employee who used to be one of his MMA students, “So […]

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Girl in the Park

I was really young when I found out what New York was about. My brother was stupid and a poor athlete. I go good grades and did well in sports. But my parents—especially my father—were all about my brother who has never been a good person. The whole reptilian way of life that dominates life […]

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Mega City

Among the teaming bowels of the gaudy heap that knows not sleep Bad City walked as tentatively as an unrusting toddler, his mind barefoot in the harsh night. Shooting darts with the savage vixen—every lost round a tragedy, every cast a winner turning her into a dancing elf of abandon—among the blank-souled and soft-thewed denizens […]

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Brit City

Driving through the Iron City sits Bad City, the passenger of a friend from the enemy-occupied Realm of Queens who wonders aloud at the near fate of his queer, adopted nation. Where my brother lives in England, one can’t very well walk the streets of his own town—not if he’s English, nor speak his mind. […]

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On a Night Train from Chicago to Pittsburg I’m an eighty-year-old orphan. My last brother—younger than me, but didn’t take care of himself—passed last year. I used to build these trains. Went to work for Pullman—right over their [points northeast as we head east]—in 1979. We built the coach, which we are sitting in, a […]

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I’m doing the vagabond thing in the park. A cop woke me up last night and I said, “What the fuck do you want?” He said, “I’m not used to hearing that.” I said, “Well, when you wake a guy up under a tree at night and he wonders if he’s about to die, ‘What […]

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